Commodities & Weather

The weather and commodity prices plays an important role in agriculture production and has significant impact on the agricultural industry. It is imperative that those within the agricultural industry understand commodity prices and trends as they plan for their next growing year as well as how real-time and extreme weather conditions influence their crop production and yields.

Commodity Prices & Weather Resources

Eric SnodgrassAlthough business necessities such as commodity prices and the weather are unpredictable, AgCarolina Farm Credit understands the importance of having resources available for our customer-owners where they can gain an understanding of trends and expert insight.  

Check back weekly for insights from Principal Atmospheric Scientist for Nutrien Ag Solutions, Eric Snodgrass. 

AgWeather Updates

Each week, AgCarolina Farm Credit provides an AgWeather update. Eric Snodgrass develops predictive, analytical software solutions to manage weather risk for global production agriculture. He focuses on North Carolina weather forecasts, patterns and high-impact weather events that influence agriculture productivity.

Commodity Prices

Understanding the commodity market is vital to those within the agricultural industry as they market their products, establish plans for the next growing season and review commodity trends for their strategic plan. In order to offer farmers and agribusinesses dynamic commodity insight, AgCarolina Farm Credit partners with DTN. DTN provides Ag news, market updates, future market predictions and weather intelligence.